Four ~ Celebrating Jairah

Our sweet boy, Jairah turned 4 today.  Always smiling and always finding mischief, this sunny boy keeps us on our toes, but oh how we love him.  I was all teary and emotional at dinner time tonight, thinking about how very blessed we are having happy and healthy children to celebrate.  Such a gift they are.  They girls really honoured their little brother today too which was lovely to see.

The highlight of Jairah’s day, after his rocket ship gift from us and a helicopter sent over from his New Zealand grandparents was a rainbow rocket birthday cake.  There was lots of ‘oh wows’ coming from him indeed!  Alas, we will be eating rainbow rocket cake for some time to come!

The rainbow inside.

One thing I am loving about this blog is being able to look back on previous posts.  Here is one from his 3rd birthday and this one is from his 2nd birthday, which was my first ever post.  That means I have been blogging for two years now!  Oh, and can’t forget this post of pictures from his early days.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane, I know I did!  Thanks to those who have been reading here over the last two years.  Your lovely comments certainly help to keep me coming back to this space to share our journey as a family with you.

Jacinta x


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  • karen

    My my how time flies! I guess it is well over a year I have been reading your blog, I think I remember him turning three. He is such a handsome lad and that rocket cake is stunning! How did you keep it from falling down?

    • Jacinta

      I used fairly thick cardboard and the base was joined in the middle. I think a good measure of good luck was thrown in too! Jacinta x

  • Sylvia & Stu .NZ

    The smile on Jairah’s face says it all.Granddad would love to play with that rocket.
    Birthday cake looks stunning ,well done .Granddad & Sylviex

  • Melissa

    WOW! Happy 4th Birthday Jairah!