Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy

Jairah turned 3 today.  That sweet, boy of ours so full of life.  He was extra blessed, with one set of New Zealand grandparents and my mum and dad here today. It is very rare for us to have more than just our own little family around for birthdays, as both Greg’s and my family are spread far and wide.

The day started out with me singing him happy birthday when I went to get him up, followed by vegemite toast in our bed (the crumbs were conveniently dropped on papa’s side of the bed!).  Greg and his dad went about the day continuing the kitchen renovations.  We set aside mid-afternoon for a little birthday celebration with a Humpty Dumpty cake made by my mum (thanks mum, ’cause I wouldn’t have managed a cake with no kitchen!).  Candles were blown out about a dozen times, each time funnier than the last.

The crown didn't last long (as per usual)

The chocolate cake went down a treat, as did the cake decorations.  Jairah had a lovely array of gifts to unwrap and was quite diligent with delegating others to unwrap them for him. Greg’s dad had made him three wooden planes which were a hit.  I can see them clocking up many hours of flying around this house.

Overall he had a beautiful day, surrounded by those who love him dearly.  He was one tired, but happy boy tonight.

Oh my, they melt my heart!

If I were to describe Jairah is just a few words it would be, ‘A whirlwind wrapped up in butterfly kisses’.  He certainly has a way about him, even when up to mischief, with a quick grin and tilt of his head to the side, and all is forgotten.  I think there may be a little Einstein channelling too, with that white crazy hair of his.  We love you sweet boy. Happy birthday!  Love Mama xx

I’ve come to realise that it has been a year since I started blogging, as Jairah’s 2nd birthday was my first ever blog post.  See it here.  I will do something to celebrate this blog space once the kitchen is dealt with.  Jacinta xx

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