A Birthday Celebration

What better way to start a blog than with a birthday celebration.   Our sweet boy, Jairah turned two on the weekend.  Now you would think, with a whole year between each and every birthday, a mama would have gotten something special crafted for her son.  But no, of course on the eve of his birthday, I was still making his birthday crown.

Due to commitments to another party on his actual birthday (Saturday), we celebrated on Sunday instead.  The day was glorious and the sun shone all day.  Such a welcome relief from all the cold and wet weather of winter!

With two very excited sister’s pouring over birthday cake ideas all week, it was a very industrious caking making session indeed.  I love to decorate birthday cakes for my family and of course Jairah’s cake was no exception.  Scarlett chose out her most special fairies and unicorns to adorn the cake.  Now if only you could see the cake for all the paraphernalia!  Jairah embraced his special day and of course the gigantic strawberry off his cake.

A BBQ was in order and we spent our afternoon basking in the warm sun and sweet scented air while listening to the sounds of happy children playing.  It was an unforgettable day for us all.  Hoping your weekend was sunny too.

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