New flooring

After much discussion as to what flooring we wanted to put down in the remaining two bedrooms, lounge and dining area, we decided to stick with carpet.  Originally we were going to use floating bamboo flooring like we did in the girls rooms and kitchen, but unfortunately the bamboo we were using was discontinued (a con of doing renos at our snail paced speed!).   So off to a carpet shop we went.  Thankfully we had a great selection to choose from in our price range and better still, Greg and I both liked the same colour.

The carpet was laid today.  We are very happy with our choice and it is so lovely to walk on.  We were so tempted not to put furniture back in place, as the minimalistic look was very appealing.  I love the idea of not having things to dust!  Alas, while I went out to yoga, one of Greg’s good friend came over and helped him lug the heavy stuff back into place.  I certainly know who drew the short straw there.

It’s starting to feel like all our hard work is starting to pay off.  The house is getting to the stage where I will be able to share more pictures with you soon.  But for now, here is a before and after photo looking from the kitchen doorway back into the dining and lounge area….




The dog is loving the new carpet as are the kids.  Now, if only they could invent carpet that repelled lint, dirt and crushed gum leaves (gum leaves are the bane of my existence), I’d be most impressed.  Jacinta x

We purchased the carpet through Carpet Call in Narre Warren and were pretty happy with their service and installation.

The carpet is nylon and the colour code is 72 (like a dark charcoal).

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