A Weekend of Fun

We have had a busy, but fun weekend.  Friday was spent at the Melbourne Museum.  We decided to travel in by train which is well over an hours trip, but the kids had the best time and amused themselves well. We met up with family and spent the day wondering around the exhibits. Tenneille’s favourite thing was the dinosaurs. Scarlett, my horse crazy girl, loved the Phar Lap exhibit.  For those who are not familiar with Phar Lap, he was a very famous race horse in the 1930’s.  We spent the last hour in the children’s play area, where the kids all run about and played till their little hearts were content. I ran into one of my best friends and her kids.  Scarlett was excited as my friend’s daughter is her best friend.  They call each other soul sisters!  It was a moment of serendipity.

As we were walking back through the park to the train station, Scarlett asked me, “Mama, is the horse we saw at the museum called Long Lap?”.  I had to keep from laughing, my response was, “It’s name is Phar (far) Lap”.  I love the way kids minds work.  She was close in her guess, far/long, can mean the same thing!
The girls found an amazing old fig tree to climb in the park.  It made them forget about the fact they had been telling me repeatedly for the previous half an hour that they were s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g. I love how something as simple as climbing a tree can shift a child’s frame of mind.  We had dinner in the city and arrived home late, but happy.

Fun at the Museum

Tree of Fun

Saturday was spent at the beach while Scarlett participated in Nippers. She did really well.  Of course I hardly took any photo’s as Jairah and Tenneille kept Greg and I busy in the shallows, exploring all the bounty the sea had to offer.  The weather was perfect.  There was an amazing rainbow encircling the sun.  Of course I couldn’t look directly at the sun, so did a point and shoot with my phone camera.  It looked pretty impressive, the photo doesn’t do it justice.  Jairah fell asleep before we got back to the car.

Tenneille on the Pier

Today has been spent renovating the house and testing paint samples. We are getting close with our final colour choices.  Very exciting.
As it was so warm today, we finally set up the kids paddling pool and spent the balmy evening watching the kids splash about having the time of their lives.  The air was thick and heady with the scent of eucalyptus.  Couldn’t have wished for more.
Feeling very weary, but feel we have achieve a lot this weekend.  Hope your weekend was fun too.

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