Nippers, the non pincer variety!

We have had good intentions of enrolling Scarlett in Nippers for the last couple of years, but family dynamics have prevented our good intentions. But this year, we seem up for the challenge of being part of an organisation that is very Australia at heart.  If you don’t know, Nippers is part of surf life saving in Australia.  It is a fun way to introduce children to the fun that the surf has to offer, but also educate them in surf safety.  We are really looking forward to our new family adventure.  What I love is that they encourage younger siblings to join in the fun of Nippers.  I must say I have been hesitant in joining any extra curricular activities, as our life always seems so very full, but I think we are on to something here!
The weather was perfect and fun was had by all.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any photo’s of Scarlett, as I don’t feel it is fair posting pictures of other people outside our family without permission.  The water was quite murky in places due to the extreme weather we have been having and was caused by stormwater draining into the bay.  Didn’t put the kids off paddling in the water after Nippers was finished though!

Yes, I am perplexed!

A perfect day

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