We’re All Class

Eating out is a bit of a novelty for us, but tonight this mama had had one too many challenges and the fact that the meat planned for dinner was not up to scratch, meant only one thing, I wasn’t marching back to the supermarket at nearly 6pm to find something else (oh and don’t get me started on the fact we have been without a proper fridge for a MONTH!!  But that is another story).  I asked the kids if they would be happy to go to a local restaurant, a very excited YES was their reply!

I always explain to my kids what I expect of them before we go anywhere, well they certainly listened this time, as we had a lovely meal out.  Of course, there was fun to be had with chopsticks before the meal came out, as you will see in the photo evidence below.  There was no need for paper and colouring books, chopsticks are our new go-to for child pre-dinner entertainment from now on!  Oh heck, who needs class if the kids are going to sit quietly and have fun.  What do you do to keep your kids entertained while eating out?

He's being an alien apparently, I'm not arguing that one.

He’s being an alien apparently, I’m not arguing that one.


See, we're all class! I promise she hasn't had any wine.

See, we’re all class! I promise she hasn’t had any wine.


I'm sure this could count as an attempt at Movember,yes?

I’m sure this could count as an attempt at Movember,yes?


My dinner, yum!

My dinner, yum!


Jacinta x

Oh and I think our fridge is being repaired tomorrow, fingers crossed it is fixable, or these kids of mine will certainly becoming expert chopstick wranglers!

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