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Look out, I’ve blogged!  This post has been sitting in my draft file for the last 2 weeks, just waiting for me to bother uploading photos!  Lets hope I can get back into this blogging gig.

Jairah turned 5 a couple of weeks ago.  Such a happy, cheeky chappy he is.  He certainly lives life to the fullest.  He thoroughly enjoyed his day with a swimming lesson in the morning, followed by going to a local party shop to choose out balloons.  He’d requested a green aeroplane cake, that seemed like a bit of a challenge, but I think I pulled it off (it’s from the Woman’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake book).  The cake itself was chocolate. I used Hopper’s natural colouring to dye the icing.  They use natural extracts for the colouring.  Their products are fantastic.  He was pretty chuffed with the end result.  I collected the girls early from school so we could have lunch together with my mum, before I had to drop her to the train station.

Jairah requested pizza for dinner and of course we had cake to end the day with.  It was a very full day, but he didn’t stop smiling all day long.  Presents were gleefully unwrapped and he had a lovely time playing with new toys and gadgets.  He had asked for a robot toy, but in all my searching I couldn’t find the perfect robot friend, however, I remembered a while back that Jairah had spied a knitting pattern for a robot and had tried to walk out of the shop with it.  I went back and thankfully they still had the pattern, now, lets see if I can get it finished before his 6th birthday!



The green plane cake was a hit.

The green plane cake was a hit.

Jacinta x


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