Oh The Stress!

Hello my dear readers.  I am still here.  It hasn’t been my intention to have this space so quiet.  I have so many blog posts in my head to write, but the want is lacking.  This selling house business is always stressful.  There’s always so many things to do and keeping a house in pristine condition with three young kids is certainly a fulltime job!  I can’t remember the last time I took some time for myself.

The most frustrating thing is that we had the house under offer.  We were really happy with the offer and settlement details and it seemed the would-be purchasers loved and appreciated all the hard work we have put into this house over the last 4 years.  I had dropped everything on Monday to have the house ready for them to do a second inspection.  That evening they put in their offer.  Apparently they had been looking for ages and were excited that they had found a home they liked. Then yesterday, within an and hour and a half before the pest and building inspection was due, we received a call from our agent that the purchaser was pulling out.

We aren’t really sure what has happened and we are totally devastated.  To add to the stress, Greg’s work contract runs out in the next 5 weeks and we really aren’t sure what is in store for us.  I am praying for a miracle and that everything will pan out.  I hate how in just one day your dreams can come crashing down and that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach can return in an instant.  I am fighting back tears of frustration today.

Jacinta x

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