Tenneille’s Birthday and Bathroom Renovation Day 3

Today has seemed like a week!  We got a call from school yesterday to say that Tenneille was feeling unwell and to come and pick her up.  Greg went to collect her.  The sweet little poppet looked so very sad and got all teary when I greeted her at the door.  She had a high temperature and said her head was aching.  She didn’t sleep very well last night of course and I worried about her and kept checking her during the night.  It seems all the kids were restless as Scarlett was up at one stage and Jairah came into our room not long after 5am.  To say my eyes were hanging out of my head this morning was an understatement.  At least Tenneille woke up feeling much better!  I kept her home, which she was most disappointed about, as she really wanted to go to school on her birthday.  Suffice to say she got to stay in her pj’s all day and watched a DVD of her choice.  I’d promised to make an ice-cream cake, but it wasn’t ready in time, so thankfully I was able to make a sponge cake at the last minute.  I can hardly believe she has turned 7.  Of course baby pictures can be found here.


Meanwhile, we are on day 3 of bathroom renos.  They are coming along, albiet slowly at the moment, as there has been concrete that had to set before shower bases were fitted.  The plumber was here today too, fitting the new pipes for the tap ware.  We are going with flick mixers for both the showers and the bath, which I think will be lovely.  We now have tiles around our ensuite vanity and already it is looking lighter and it’s not yet finished.  I’m really glad we picked the white now.  I have go shopping tomorrow for the shelving that will go in the showers.  Not sure what to go for at this stage.  We kind of over looked that aspect when we were choosing the tap ware.  Oh my, another decision to make.  I’m sure I will survive though.


A sneaky peek at the tiles. Lighting wasn’t great today due to rain, as the tiles are much whiter.

Jacinta x

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