Tenneille turned 5 today, but not until she had a birthday cake sitting in front of her, us singing happy birthday and her blowing out candles.  Tenneille doesn’t believe you turn the next number (her words) until the above mentioned has been followed through with.  I love how certain things have to be an exact science.

Today five years ago, at an approximate time of 5am Tenneille Sophia arrived earth side, in water at home.  labour was less than 5 hours and very straightforward.  She was 8lb 12oz and so gorgeous.

Just born

First cuddle with Scarlett

Two days old

That thumb!

Doesn't feel like 5 years

We have had a beautiful day today.  We had to alter our plans due to wet weather, but it turned out the perfect day.  We had a yummy chocolate cake decorated with dinosaurs, cream and strawberries as, requested by Tenneille.



Present opening was left till the end of the day.  Tenneille was quite restrained and didn’t mind waiting at all.  She was very delighted with her gifts.

She has had her eye on this dinosaur at a local shop for months!

How cute is this card (and girl)

Yes, you are a crazy dog

Happy birthday to our sparkly little poppet!  Love you, Mama xx

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  • Bec McCrindle

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful little girl. I feel so privillaged to be watching over you. Must catch up again soon. Maybe you could all come for a visit in the next school holidays or visa versa. Hope your gift got to you. Love to you all Love Bec

    • Jacinta

      What a special Gardian you are to Tenneille. She loves her present, thank you. Would love to catch up with you too. Will call to work something out. Love to you all, Cint xx

  • Bec McCrindle

    Also ment to say. My goodness Cint she looks like you when you were that age. Especially the one before she blows her candle out.

  • Lake Effect :: Sara

    I love when Mamas post photos from their homebirths on their childrens birthdays! I go through each of my childrens birth albums with them every year amazed at how this big child sitting next to me was the babe that I held nursing in the birthing pool.
    Happy “Birth”day to you! And Happy birthday to your beautiful girl!

    • Jacinta

      Thank you Sara. I love going back through photos too and can’t believe how they change so much year to year, even though I know that’s what children do! I love getting the idea of homebirth out there. So much misinformation about it unfortunately. Lovely to hear from another homebirther. She had a lovely birthday and I enjoyed reflecting back on her birth and thinking about the amazing journey we women go through to bring our babes earth-side. I never tire of all things birthy. Jacinta

  • katherine

    Happy Birthday! What a gorgeous baby who as grown into a beautiful little girl. They do grow up so fast (sigh).