Renovations Continue

The bathrooms are coming along beautifully.  The tiling should be finished tomorrow, fingers crossed.  We have had the shower screens measured up and now just waiting for the company to custom make them.  I will wait to show you photos now until the bathrooms are finished.  Which will hopefully be Friday week, if all goes to plan.  I’ll promise to post photos as soon as the glass goes in.

The weekend was filled with another renovation job, the removal of our pergola and wisteria.  Thankfully Greg had a mate help him.  There is no way my chicken arms were going to be of any help!  This was one of those decisions that wasn’t made lightly, in fact, we thought about this 6 months ago, but we didn’t have the heart at the time to take out the nearly 30 year old wisteria vine.  Our decision was hastened when the pergola started collapsing a couple of days before Tenneille’s party.  It was a little hairy, but Greg was able to shore it up at the time.  The cost to replace the pergola was not an option, as it was just too expensive.

It was a big job, taking most of the weekend to clean up, but I cannot tell you how much lighter it is inside the house now.  Our lounge room has never been so lovely and bright.  It has totally changed the whole feel of the house.   We can now appreciate the original design concept of the house, that allows you to be at one with nature.  We can even see the sun setting now over a distant ridge.  I often find myself standing at the window admiring the glorious views that we previously had to step outside to see.

The front before pergola was removed.

The front before pergola was removed.


Panorama of the front of our house.


Looking left from the deck.


On the deck looking to the right.


View (or should I say, lack of) from deck.


The pergola is staring to come down.


The mess!


Panorama after the pergola and wisteria were removed.


Without the wisteria blocking the view, look what we can see now! This was taken the morning after. Not long after sunrise.

We just need to scrub the bricks down where the beams were attached, but other than that, the hard work has been done.  We will have gardeners coming in in the next few weeks to help us get the garden sorted.  It’s getting to the exciting part of renovations, where we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  After nearly 4 years, the renovations are almost complete!

Jacinta x

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