Yarn Along

Joining in with Ginny, or should I say Ginny’s hubby this week, from Small Things.

My photo is a little on the mysterious side this week, as I am working on a gift for a friend.  I’m using Zara Chiné which is a gorgeous merino wool.  It is so soft to work with and I am loving the denim colour, which has a slight fleck of colour through it.  I’m excited to say I am using my own pattern, which I will share once my project is complete.

I have had good intentions of reading my book, Small Wonders by Barbara Kingsolver, but the truth be told, I am turning into a Kindle (on my iphone) gal.  I often don’t get a chance to read until it is lights out for the night and at least I can sneak in a couple of pages on my phone before my eyes start drooping!  Hence I bought a new Kindle book this week, The Kashmir Shawl, by Rosie Thomas.  It’s about a woman, Mair, who goes on a journey to try and find out more about a shawl which belonged to her grandmother, whom she never met.  I am only a little way in, but fingers crossed I like it, I mean it’s kind of about knitting, so that has to account for something, doesn’t it!  The front cover is pretty too, for me, that goes a long way.  Has the design of a book’s front cover ever enticed you to purchase it?

Can’t wait to see what all you talented women have been up to this week.  Jacinta x

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