Talk about crazy winter weather today!  Rain, snow, sleet, hail more rain more hail (you get the picture).  Usually we just contend with a lot of rain and fog in winter, but today Mother Nature certainly mixed it up.  Even Cardamon spent more time than usual asleep (he certainly makes a nice furry heat pack).  I’m already tucked up in bed, as it is the warmest place to be in this kind of weather.  Will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings, until then, at least I know I will be snug as a bug!

After one of the many hail storms

He is kind of hard to knit around!

For all you lovelies in the Northern Hemisphere that have been sweltering though a hot summer, I hope this post makes you feel a little cooler!  Jacinta x

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  • Melissa

    Those pictures are almost as good as air conditioning. Stay warm!!

  • swanski

    I think you could knit your pup if he was yarn, ha ha! Love the crazy weather you are getting. I am hoping that we get snow this year (not the hail).

  • Claudine

    I had to laugh seeing the snow…yes, it makes me feel a just a wee bit cooler, and not yet ready for winter here!

  • Jennifer Miller

    I just walked off the airplane in Las Vegas about an hour ago. It is 110 here. But it’s a dry heat. I’ll be in Detroit tomo and it will be humid. I’d rather have the dry heat over the humidity. But I’m kind of liking your weather right now!

  • katherine

    wow! makes our cold winds and the odd shower not so bad after all.
    Mind you it is pretty warm when you work hard in the garden. Tomorrow I intend walking the dog very early and then spending the day inside chained to some sewing lol. Been finding it very hard to settle to things lately as there is so many other things I can see need doing before spring hits the garden.