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Joining in with Ginny at Small Things.

Well I have made a little more progress with my Tea Leaves cardi.  I now have one sleeve! I made a start on a Beyond Puerperium for a friend’s baby and it has been knitting up beautifully, but it is sizing up HUGE!  I tried it on Jairah who is 3 and it fits him, it’s meant to be 3-6month in size.  I have put it aside and will try knitting another Puerperium but I’ll try the newborn size.  Has anyone else found the Puerperium runs on the large size?  I have used the yarn and needle size the pattern calls for.  Oh well, looks like Jairah will score himself a new outfit.  The yarn is by Bendigo Woollen Mills from their Rustic line in Elm, which I would describe as a lovely grey/green.  Thankfully when I originally ordered the yarn for this project, I could decided between Elm and another yarn colour, Lake blue, so I got them both.  Looks like the baby will be geting a lovely blue Puerperium instead!


I could always go for a Michael Jackson look!

This is meant to be size 3-6months!

I am reading The Year The Horses Came, by Mary Mackey.  It is the first book in the Earthsong trilogy.  Based back in ancient times, it is based on a girl, Marrah, who only knows peaceful living.  Her people worship Goddess Earth.  She has a vision of terrible beastmen invading their peaceful living and sets off accompanied by her brother, Arang, and Stavan, a man who she rescued from near death, to warn a priestess in a faraway city of the possible attack from the beastmen.  I’m only half way through, so the storyline is still unfolding.  I’m liking it so far.

Looking forward to seeing all your gorgeous knitting and hearing about what everyone is reading.  Jacinta x

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  • http://justhavingayarn.blogspot.com emma

    Your tea leaves cardigan is amazing!! fantastic colour!

    • Jacinta

      Thanks Emma! It is such a rich colour. Jacinta x

  • http://pumpkinsunrise.com swanski

    Your son is such a cutie! I love your tea leaves, you are nearly done!!!

    • Jacinta

      Oh he is so very sweet (mischief and all!) Jacinta x

  • http://the-random-thoughts-in-my-head.blogspot.com Jennifer Miller

    I am loving your tea leaves cardigan! Beautiful. I can’t wait to see the finished project. I may be so inspired…

    • Jacinta

      I’m always happy to help out with inspirations 🙂 Jacinta x

  • http://momentsofpeacemama.blogspot.com Kate

    Both of your projects look wonderful!

    • Jacinta

      Thanks Kate. Jacinta x

  • http://www.edegraw.me Erin @ Wild Whispers

    That tea leaves gets me every time, Jacinta! Beautiful. I have made several Puerperium, and find that they do, in fact, run large. Some of it is due to gauge, you must be very careful, but I have even found that the newborn one tends to run more like 3-6 mo in most instances. I would finish the one you are working on for your son, and then make a newborn size. It will fit eventually, right?

    • Jacinta

      I’m glad you have found Puerperium runs on the larger side. Jairah is fairly petite for his age, so I’m not surprised it fit him. Will certainly make a smaller size for the baby. Jacinta x

  • http://www.wifemomknitter.wordpress.com Jen

    Ummm…I hate to ask but…did you get gauge? If so, then I would definitely say that the pattern runs very big.

    Maybe trying the pattern with a different yarn weight might do the trick, too.

    • Jacinta

      Gauge is correct, and in terms of proportions of the garment, it is spot on, just big. I will try a smaller size and hopefully the baby can wear it before the year is out. Jacinta x

  • Laurel

    I love your Tea Leaves cardi. I might even knit one for myself 🙂

    • Jacinta

      Thanks Laurel, I think you would look lovely in a Tea Leaves. Jacinta x