The Sweetest Bunny

Scarlett was going through a phase recently where she was having bad dreams.  My solution, a gorgeous nightlight.  Scarlett chose the bunny and I have to say it is the sweetest thing (next to Tenneille’s squirrel nightlight).  I don’t think Scarlett’s bunny has been named yet, but I do know her dreams have been sweet ever since bunny arrived and the bad dreams are no longer.  It omits a lovely soft, warm glow.  Bunny was purchased from Bockers and Pony and they have a special for this month which applies to their lamps, so I got a 10% discount.  It arrived the day after I ordered (how I wish other businesses were this quick) and was beautifully wrapped.  We are most grateful to this sweet bunny and all of us are benefiting from having a good night’s sleep.

You can choose from a selection of ribbons and get a personalised card attached to your order

Isn’t she pretty

Jacinta x

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