The Sweetest Bunny

Scarlett was going through a phase recently where she was having bad dreams.  My solution, a gorgeous nightlight.  Scarlett chose the bunny and I have to say it is the sweetest thing (next to Tenneille’s squirrel nightlight).  I don’t think Scarlett’s bunny has been named yet, but I do know her dreams have been sweet ever since bunny arrived and the bad dreams are no longer.  It omits a lovely soft, warm glow.  Bunny was purchased from Bockers and Pony and they have a special for this month which applies to their lamps, so I got a 10% discount.  It arrived the day after I ordered (how I wish other businesses were this quick) and was beautifully wrapped.  We are most grateful to this sweet bunny and all of us are benefiting from having a good night’s sleep.

You can choose from a selection of ribbons and get a personalised card attached to your order

Isn’t she pretty

Jacinta x

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  • swanski

    What a perfect solution 🙂

  • Melissa

    So sweet!

  • Christy @ cat fur to make kitten britches

    Adorable! Maybe that’s what was missing from Carsten’s room all these long, early-morning years! ha!

    Glad everyone is sleeping a little better….makes all the difference, doesn’t it?!

  • katherine

    Cute rabbit! I dont like these things mainly due to the ones we had as kids catching alight. But understand that things are very different now with technology etc the way it is. They are so much prettier than the plug in the wall socket glow lights. Both my girls use their aquariums as night lights and the fish are so peaceful to watch and the sound of the water helps too. Grace might actually get some new fish in hers soon as it has only had plant life for the past 12 months. The vibrations from the stumping killed the fish in both tanks and as Grace also needed her room plastered and painted she has had to wait a while.

    • Jacinta

      That’s so sad that the re-stumping killed their fish. The lamps these days are pretty safe. The ones I have bought for the girls are a German brand, so pretty well made. Hope the girls have fun choosing new fish! Jacinta x