Thermomix Love

I am so excited to have received my long awaited Thermomix.  I have been wanting a Thermomix for a few years now.  At first I couldn’t get my head around the initial investment, but after seeing that all the people I know who own a thermomix, use them everyday, I realised that it would be a great investment for my kitchen.  When we decided to renovate the kitchen, I had factored the cost of a Thermomix into the budget, but alas, that budget was blown out, so I have waited (albiet, not so patiently) till now for my lovely new machine.  It only arrived yesterday and after the lovely demo lady guided me through it, I have been experimenting ever since.  I can’t believe how quickly it chops, sautes and whizzes things (it does a lot more too).  So far I have made, pumpkin soup, lamb and lemon risotto, mushroom soup, rice bubble slice, chocolate cake and chicken and fetta sausage rolls.  I haven’t exploded yet, thankfully, as I have had very enthusiastic taste testers helping me out.  I can already see an influx of recipes coming on.  So I suggest you go ahead and let out a belt notch or two and let the gastronomic funfair begin!


Mushroom soup

Lamb and lemon risotto

Chicken and fetta sausage rolls

Chocolate cake

Jacinta x

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