Meet Our Newest Addition

Here she is:

Do I melt your heart or what!

She arrived today.  Tenneille loves squirrels (along with dragons and dinosaurs of course) and when I saw this squirrel on sale a while ago, I just knew one had to come and live at our house, well Tenneille’s room to be precise.  I’m not sure who was more exited, me or her.  Tenneille has called her Firey Fiona (that name makes me laugh for some reason).  I wouldn’t be surprised if I found her tucked up in bed with Tenneille.  She is just so darn cute.

I do believe the dragon (whose name escapes me right now) will keep Fiona in check.  I’m sure dragons and squirrels can be friends, right?

Fiona was purchased from Lark.  I have ordered from them before.  They have the cutest online store as well as a shop in Daylesford, Victoria.

I think Firey Fiona is a keeper, don’t you?  Jacinta x

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