Yarn Along

Joining in with Ginny at Small Things.

Yippie!  I have finished the body of my Tea Leaves.  Now on to the sleeves and button band.  Lets see if I can do that by next week!?  I haven’t done any knitting the last couple of days.  We had a small earthquake/earth tremor here last night, which kind of threw me out and tonight I fell asleep on the couch while Greg read the girls their nighttime story, so I think I should have an early night!  Although the wind is blowing something fierce here tonight, which is rather unnerving, with the huge trees that surround us.

The colour is more ruby that the photo shows. The picture was taken at nearly 9pm with poor lighting.

I’m plodding away at my book, Keeper Of The People, but the plot is still developing, so not much to report.  It seems to be an ok read so far though.

Looking forward to seeing what all you talented people have been up to this past week.  Jacinta x

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  • http://clover-seven.blogspot.com Tracey

    It is looking so beautiful and I hope you find time to knit. An earthquake? How scary! Stay safe and have a super day.

  • http://www.anartfamily.com Joy

    Ooh, I love the red for your tea leaves. Very lovely!

  • http://www.homebakedonline.com Hannah@HomeBaked

    Yor tea leaves is looking great! I’m getting more and more tempted by that pattern.

  • http://pumpkinsunrise.blogspot.com swanski

    I will be your personal cheerleader to finishing the sweater! You can do it by next week if, you do not do house work or small people chasing 🙂 Good luck! Love the color

  • http://www.woolythyme.typepad.com steph

    so love the color you chose!! Tea leaves (and tiny tea leaves) has been on my to-do wish list forever, and I’ve never gotten around to casting on for it. so very pretty!!! yes, you can do it….I’ll be checking in next week for more inspiration!!!

  • http://melbatoast68.blogspot.com Melissa

    Well, you’ve been busy! Lots of progress made. It’s going to be so absolutely gorgeous!

  • http://www.hurrayic.typepad.com/ Ellen

    That is a lot of work – good for you. Won’t be too long now in finishing up the cardigan. Such a lovely red.

  • http://knit1spin2.blogspot.com Donna

    You are moving right along there! An earthquake would definitely unsettle me. I can understand how you feel.

  • http://www.wifemomknitter.wordpress.com Jen

    Very pretty color that you’ve chosen!

  • http://momentsofpeacemama.blogspot.com Kate

    It looks great! I love the gorgeous red. Can’t wait to see it finished 🙂
    We had an earthquake… last summer, maybe? I agree, very unnerving. I hope you get lots of sleep tonight.

  • http://humbleluna.blogspot.com Heidi

    Looks great, I love the color.
    I made a tea leaves too but made the mistake of not buying enough yarn and then not finding a perfect match for the last skein so the sweater was a bit discolored. I learned a lesson. I would like to try this pattern again.

  • katherine

    Ruby is coming along nicely. I love the colour! As for the tremor our girls both felt it as did the cat and dog! Lance and I didn’t because we were fast asleep. Lance was woken up by the dog running up and down the middle of our bed but I didn’t have a clue anything happened until the next day when Sarah mentioned it lol.

  • http://www.loritimesfive.blogspot.com lori

    your tea leaves is looking so lovely! i have one on the needles too, finally (i have waited so long to start one!) mine may be done next week too.

  • http://triskele-threads.blogspot.com.au Dee

    Your Tea Leaves is looking great. How freaky was that earthquake!