Keepin’ It Real

– Keepin’ It Real captures the true essence of family life that I know are fleeting, keeping this mama grounded –

I put Jairah down for his usual afternoon sleep yesterday.  He will often play for a bit before having his sleep.  I went about my afternoon, listening to him playing quietly. After about 40 minutes he started calling out to me, which I know is a sure sign he won’t be sleeping on that particular day.  I went to his room and this was the sight I was met with….

Care to guess what all that mess used to be?  His change table mat!  He’d certainly had a lovely time with it.  It was even in his hair.  Together we cleaned up the mess.  Suffice to say, his nappy changes are not so comfy anymore!  I am tempted to make him a tee-shirt with the words ‘Mischief Managed’.  I think that would be rather fitting.  Jacinta x

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