Equinox Sunrise

We awoke to the most glorious sunrise this morning.  We were all transfixed by the amazing show of colour that changed by the minute.  I love that this amazing show from the heavens followed the Autumn Equinox.  Certainly a most wonderful and magic way to start the day.  Ah yes, cue knitting by the fireplace and warm cozy slippers.  Oh and perhaps some mulled wine too, hic!

The view from our kitchen

To top the off day, Scarlett’s school had their annual St Michael play (in this instance, St Michael is know as the conqueror of the dragon, the heavenly hero with his starry sword (cosmic iron) who give strength to the villagers).  The school doesn’t allow photo’s or video of the play, so no images to share with you unfortunately.  Scarlett’s class played the part of the menacing dragon.  They did a marvellous job of shuffling and stomping.  The highlight for all the kids was most certainly the slaying and burning* of the dragon’s head at the end of the play.  There is nothing like some wielding of a sword to restore peace and order now is there.

*Please note, there were no actual dragons or children hurt in the slaying or burning of the dragon’s head 😛

I hope your Equinox was filled with a little St Michael magic and fun too.  Jacinta x

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