I harvested our first bunch of rhubarb today as it was taking over more than it’s fair share of the veggie patch.  I’m getting so excited with all the produce that is starting to ripen in our garden.  Beans are appearing overnight as are cucumbers.  Although, Jairah seems to have a radar for finding the ripe cucumbers and manages to get them without me seeing.  Cheeky boy.  We have a lovely amount of lettuce that is tripling its size everyday and I am looking forward to tasting at least one of the three strawberries that are growing.  We’re certainly a long way from becoming self sufficient, heck, look at our crop of blueberries….

…..and no, no one had raided the bush first.  I suppose I should go easy on the plant, after all, it isn’t much bigger that a stick.  Hopefully all our other fruit trees will eventually provide us with more than just a token bounty.

But alas, I believe I made my inner granny very happy with my kitchen endeavours this afternoon, as I managed to bottle some nectarines (courtesy of a friend’s tree) and rhubarb.  Obviously deciding that wasn’t enough, I also stewed up the rest of the rhubarb with some apples so we could have apple and rhubarb sponge for dessert.  It’s just as well I didn’t have more fruit on hand, as I doubt it would have escaped being preserved!

Bottled Rhubarb and Nectarines

I think this nectarine is happy, don't you?

Apple and rhubarb sponge

I love that I am able to bottle a little of this summer’s abundance, which will hopefully last to be enjoyed once summer’s warmth is long gone, reminding us of the goodness that mother nature has provided.  Oh yes, my inner granny is most satisfied.  Jacinta x

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