A Friendship Quilt

I have had the pedal to the metal, well my sewing machine pedal that is.  One of Scarlett’s dear friends turns 9 this week and had a birthday party this weekend.  They all went to high tea in the city and apparently the establishment commented that they were the loveliest group of children they have ever had through.  I came up the with insane great idea to make her a quilt on Thursday, to have ready to gift by this weekend.  I have been stealing bits of time to get the quilt finished by this weekend and I am happy to say I finished it before lunchtime today. I am so happy with how the quilt has turned out.  I purchased it as a quilt kit from Spotlight.  I love how it has turned out and to save time, I kept to the pattern that came with the material.  I even had some batting that was just the right size.  We gave it to ‘C’ today when they dropped Scarlett back home and I am happy to say she snuggled up under the quilt on our sofa straight after she unwrapped it.

So wishing you ‘C’ a very happy birthday.  You are very loved by us all and we are so very glad you are part of Scarlett’s life (and ours).  We have always referred to you and Scarlett as soul sisters and may you always keep the dear friendship you both share.  Much love dear girl, Jacinta xx

Showing the underside



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