Some Bonfire Fun

Saturday was well spent in our garden.  We finally had a free Saturday and ideal weather to have a bonfire. The amount of tree litter that our lovely Mountain Ash trees gift us is almost unsurmountable.  We need to burn off at least every 6 months to keep our yard looking somewhat kept.  I just love the smell of the eucalyptus burning and the workout from walking up and down our hillside block, while dragging great bundles of twigs, is great exercise indeed.  Now if I did this everyday, I’d be a contender for some sort of iron woman contest.  Greg certainly earnt his keep with keeping the bonfire burning too.  I think the girls may have contributed a stick or two, before skipping off to some very important fairy house construction.

Just a couple of our Mountain Ash trees. It's very hard to capture their true height.

It was lovely to sit around the fire at the end of the day with the kids and toast marshmallows.  The girls also love to burn cook apples over the coals too.  I figure it’s a great way to top ones-self off after eating so many marshmallows.  Suffice to say, the kids didn’t need much dinner.




Bonfire days around here are up there with some of the most anticipated days of the year (I’m taking Christmas and Easter).  Do you have something that you look forward to doing as a family too?  Jacinta x

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  • swanski

    Gosh, your kiddos are growing!! I have never had a baked apple on an open fire, I bet it tastes really good.

    • Jacinta

      They love them. I figure it balances out the marshmallows! Jacinta x

  • katherine

    Great photos! As kids my father used to do a similar clean up during winter and we used to wrap potatoes in foil and cook them in the coals. Such fun!

    • Jacinta

      I was going to do jacket potatoes on Sunday, but I ended up in bed most of the day unwell. Not my ideal way to end a weekend. Jacinta x

  • Zara

    I remember loving as a child when my Grandpa burnt off the garden rubbish pile too.
    Great photos, even the ponies got to enjoy the fun, and your puppy dog looks like such a sweetie.

    P.s. I got my give-away prezzie today, and I love it and the little extras you included. Thank you so very much Jacinta.

    • Jacinta

      So glad you love your prize Zara. I always add a little extra something. I can’t help myself. I hope Father Christmas fills your stocking to the brim! Cardamon is very sweet. He loves being with us, whatever we are up to. Jacinta x

  • Rain

    What fun! We’re doing all kinds of tradition making this year (more consciously than in years past). I’ll look forward to seeing what sticks and what falls away. But a bonfire? That would DEFINITELY stick around here! 🙂

  • Christy @ cat fur to make kitten britches

    Ah, a bonfire…..we love those, too, though we don’t seem to do them as often as we’d like. It’s much too cold for bonfires here now (don’t think they’d make a dent in the cold at this point), but last year, we built a snow cave. So, I’m actually kind of hoping we get enough snow to do that again…it was very cool! It was big enough that the kids and I could actually climb in it together. We put some candles in there, and had some hot chocolate and snacks one afternoon. A bit crazy that we had enough snow to do that, but fun, nonetheless!