This Moment

From Soulemama {this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment.  A moment I want to pause, savour and remember.

For those who were wondering, this is an echidna. They are native to Australia.

I love your moments too.  So feel free to leave a link in the comment section for us all to see.  Have a beautiful weekend.  Jacinta x

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  • Nelieta

    What a cutie! Haven´t seen one in ages 🙂


  • Katie

    So bloody cute! I too love seeing echidnas. They always look like they are in a hurry. Have a beautiful weekend Jacinta. Love Katie x

  • SJ

    Oh My – hope you didn’t step on him, he’s quite well camouflaged 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Almost There – This Moment

  • Tasmanian Minimalist

    Fantastic- love this type of moment

  • Debbie

    First time I’ve seen one of these up close … awesome moment
    Thanks for sharing here is my moment

    oh btw visiting from a link you left on SJ’s moment 🙂

  • Sugar

    Woof! Woof! Happy {this moment} Friday! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  • Shel

    Oh my! What a cutie! Did you find him somewhere or is he a pet?

    Due to the crazy October Nor’easter that arrived last weekend (I still can’t believe we had snow already!) we lost power for a couple of days and had lots of tree limbs down so trick or treat was postponed in our town for safety reasons. Our town held it last night and our moment comes from that. Nothing like trick-or-treating with your best friend!

    Have a great weekend!

  • Alejandro

    A little anty I think he is…

    Raising Amelie- My Moment

  • MeganK

    Oooh. That’s a special moment. I always get athrill seeing an echidna, they’re such kooky characters.
    Thanks for visiting the blog Jacinta.

  • laura emily

    loving that nose!

  • swanski

    Wow! I have never seen one of those. Does it bite? Is it friendly? He seems cute.

    • Jacinta

      It is an echidna and it is native to Australia. It hasn’t got teeth, so it won’t bite. They are really shy and it is hard to get up so close without them burying themselves in the ground, but this one was quite focused on the ants he was eating. Jacinta x

  • angie

    So cool! Have a great weekend!

  • Kate

    I have never seen one either. How neat! Are they friendly? Did he come up close or did you have to use the zoom to get a picture?

    Hope you have a great weekend 🙂

    • Jacinta

      I managed to get up close to the echidna, so didn’t have to zoom. They are very shy by nature. Jacinta

  • Corinne Rodrigues
  • Melissa

    Wow! Never seen one either. Very cool!

  • Tracey

    How fantastic! Was it in your yard? I have never seen a porcupine [is that how you spell it?] in person! Have fun this weekend.

    • Jacinta

      It’s an echidna. This one wasn’t in our yard, but we do get them in our yard from time to time. They are pretty amazing. Jacinta x

  • Claudine

    Wow — amazing to be so close, and to have the sense to capture the picture! How fun!

  • Christy

    What an unusual looking animal! Did you find him in your yard, or were you out and about somewhere? Looks like he might be related to hedgehogs, which Anna has quite a thing for. I will have to show her this pic when she gets home from school today.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    • Jacinta

      This one wasn’t in our yard, it is an echidna. They are native to Australia. Don’t think they are related to hedgehogs. I hope Anna likes the photo. I took a short video too. I might have to share it as well. Jacinta x

  • Rachel

    No way! He (she’s?) so cute!! Are they friendly?

    • Jacinta

      Echidnas are very shy, so will try and burrow their heads and ‘hide’ from you. It is hard to get a photo of their faces for this reason. Jacinta x

  • Mary Hudak-Colllins

    Wow! That is one heck of a moment! Great capture!

  • Bongo

    is that a procupine????????? As always…XOXOXOXOX

    • Jacinta

      It’s an echidna. One of my favourite native animals. Jacinta x

  • Anna Sides

    Whoa! That is something you see everyday…well, actually I have never seen one except for here 🙂 How cool!

  • Erin @ Wild Whispers

    What an amazing capture! I love this!

  • Annemarie Vinci Chagnon

    hedgehog or porcupine?
    looking forward to reading more
    I found you though Soulemama
    our moment

    • Jacinta

      It’s an echidna. They are native to Australia, but they do resemble hedgehogs and porcupines a little. Jacinta x

  • Kunklebaby

    So cool!! Just stopping by from Soulemama.

  • Rain

    Oh I LOVE them!! So cute, but yes…way too shy. What a lucky shot!

  • MJ

    Sooo coool!!!!!