First Haircut

Now you could be mistaken that this post was going to be about Jairah, but alas Tenneille had her first haircut the other day at 5 1/2 years old.  Tenneille didn’t really start growing hair until she was around 2 and it was so fair and fine you could hardly see it.  She was very excited about the prospect of a haircut after watching me trim Scarlett’s hair. Although I forgot to take before photos!

Of course this mama gets quite sentimental about first hair cuts (amongst many other things), but then again, I think I have gotten my sentiments worth out of Tenneille’s first curls, seems they were over 5 years in the making.  I couldn’t help myself and felt a walk down memory lane was in order to see how this gorgeous girl of ours has changed along with her hair, over the last few years.  So here goes…

Tenneille was born with a sprinkling of dark hair that fell out not long after. Â She is 4 weeks old in this photo.

It seems that she still had the same amount of hair (albiet, lighter) at 1 year old, as she did as a newborn. Â Photo taken on her first birthday.

Ok, so  I may have picked this photo because of those eyes! She is around 2 years, 8 months in age and finally has some hair to speak of.

I think Tenneille is about 3 1/2 here.


At 4, she finally had enough hair to tie back. Oh, and just so you know, the dinosaur posing with Tenneille is called Rainbow and is still a much loved favourite.

Tenneille at 5 1/2. Â The back after her haircut.


After her haircut. Â Terrible lighting but it was taken at night under halogen lights.

Do you get sentimental about things such as first hair cuts?  Jacinta x

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