What’s Up Skip?

With all this glorious weather we have been having the last few days, we have been heading off to a lovely park close to Scarlett’s school.   It’s has been too nice to go home, after all, there are way too many jobs to greet me there, but at least I know they will wait for me, the sunshine may not.  And besides, who needs dinner, right?  Well, ok, a late dinner it is.

The park is in a bush setting and is frequented by all sorts of native animals.  The kangaroos for one, love basking in the sun and nibbling at the lush green grass that is abundant in the park.  The park is near a water reserve so there is no shortage of birds either.

We have spent the last two evenings wrapped in the warmth of glorious sunshine in the playground, finished off by a wonder along the walking path to the kangaroo’s favourite afternoon hangout.  There were plenty of joeys in their mother’s pouches and they make for great outdoor entertainment.  The way the kangaroos scratch themselves is worthy of their own tv segment alone.  I should have taken a movie to show you, maybe another day.  Even though I have been surrounded by kangaroos most of my life, I still find them fascinating.  Those tails for one, have a life of their own.

We were fairly close to the kangaroos, but my phone isn’t great for close ups.  Even though they are fairly quiet, we respect that they are wild animals and kept our distance. But if you are lucky, they will actually hop across the playground right in front of you.  It is quite a sight.

Ok, I know it's not the best photo, but the kangaroo to the far right has a joey in her pouch. See if you squint, you can see it. Yes you can, I'm sure!

Just for your interest (I know you are interested) a group of kangaroos are called a mob, group or herd. Yes, I know you were wondering.

Oh and as for my reference to Skip in the title, see here (ah, that show was a cracker).  If you grew up in Australia in the 70’s and 80’s you would definitely know what I am referring to.  If not, go check out Skippy, I will guarantee you a laugh if nothing else.  Jacinta x

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