The girls

Our chooks are affectionately known as ‘the girls’.  They are so efficient in cleaning up scraps and eating bugs.  They wait very impatiently every morning to be let out into the chook yard where they spend their days scratching for tasty morsels and enjoying the odd dustbath.
They make for pretty funny entertainment, especially when they are all trying to scrap over an unfortunate bug who has wonderend into chook territory.

So with no further ado, let me introduce Carrie, the Isa Brown, who is the oldest and wisest of all.  She was one of our original three chickens who were named after the girls off the show Little House on the Prairie.  This was due to the fact their original chook house resembled the house the Ingalls lived in. Unfortunately Laura and Mary were taken by foxes.

Carrie - Head chicken

Annalisa is a Rhode Island Red.  I feel she may give Carrie a run for her money in the chook pecking order.

Annalisa - up for the challenge of being head chicken

Capricorn, or Crappa Corn as Tenneille pronounces it, is a Chinese Silkie, who, I am afraid to say, is the kind of chicken from where the term ‘bird brain’ may have been penned.  Although, that funky feather do is rather happenin’ don’t you think!


Now last, but certainly not least, is our other Chinese Silkie.  I’m sorry to say I don’t know what her name is currently.  For some reason it has changed numerous times over the last 7 months since she came to join our chook family.  I think she started out as Princess, then Goldie, then it could have been Twilight (no, my kids know nothing of vampire movies) and now of course I have bird brain, not really knowing what she is currently called.  If I ask the girls, I will get different responses.  So lets just call her chook number 4!
She’s a bit camera shy and currently very disgruntled, as we haven’t allowed her to sit on the eggs laid by the other girls, while she is clucky.  She is very desperate to be a mum, but with all the foxes around here, I don’t want to have baby chickens on the foxes dinner menu.

Chook No. 4

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