Come and Wonder Around our Garden

I thought it would be nice to share with you, a glimpse of our garden.  It’s definitely a work in progress.  It was quite overgrown when we moved here last year.  We have been trying to combat nature and dare I say it, we might be getting somewhere, albiet, very slowly.  There were a few pesky plants that were destined for compost, agapanthus being one of them.  I have tried burning it, hacking it into small pieces, pulling it up and leaving it to die off (ha, ha, that was a joke at my expense).  My next move is to put black plastic over it and hopefully that will fix up what is left.  I really think agapanthus could survive a nuclear blast! I’m sorry to say, invasive plants bring out another side in me.

It’s saddens me to say that a lot of the beautiful native landscape around here is being choked out by introduced plants.  Vines like ivy are a curse.  I do regular walks around the garden pulling out ivy, but bless it’s desire to survive, it keeps popping up!

Rant over?  Hardly, but I figure I better move on and actually follow through with what I stated in the post title!  My veggie patch is dismal, so far, due to the above mentioned plants, I only have potatoes planted.  I am however, very impressed with them so far.  They are looking very happy and we are looking forward to the first crop.  I planted sebago and pontiac varieties.

My veggie patch thus far!

I have tried to capture the amazing Mountain Ash gum trees on our block.  They are tall to say the least.  To give you an idea, the tree fern you can see at the bottom of the first picture would be close to 2 metres (6 foot) from base to top of fronds.  So follow up the trunk of the tree and you will see what I mean by ‘tall’.

Note the tree fern in front of tree is about 2 metres tall

This is a view just to the right of the above photo

Looking down our driveway at front of house (our driveway is a lot steeper than picture makes out)

Looking across the back of our garden

The apple trees are blossoming.  They smell so lovely and the flowers are pretty to boot.  The photo of the blossom is from our dwarf Snow Apple.  It’s a heritage variety.  We also have a dwarf Granny Smith for cross pollinating.  We also have an almond tree, blueberries, a cumquat tree, a dwarf black mulberry and a pomegranate tree.  Most of them are not much bigger than sticks, so don’t make for taking great pictures!

Snow Apple blossom

Of course I always have lots of help when gardening.  Lots of bums up in the air checking how things are growing would be one of my favourite sites in my garden!

'Bottoms up'

I’m hoping your garden is growing well!

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