Felted Hair Clips – Little Toadstools

I thought I would share a tutorial to make toadstool felted hair clips.  I have made lots of different kinds over the years as gifts and to replace ones lost by my girls (oh, hum).


Wool fleece, natural (white) and red
Felting needles (either size 36 or 38 and size 40)
A block of foam (to rest your work on)
Hair clips
Glue gun or contrasting thread


Pull off a piece of white fleece and roll it in your palm until about the size of a walnut.  Stab the fleece with the 36 or 38 size needle, turning as you go to get an even shape.  Keep the top rounded.  Flip it over and stab the base so it lays flat as you will need to glue or sew this side to the clip.

Pull off a small amount of red fleece about 5 or 6cm long.  Wrap it around the the toadstool.  Stab with the 36 or 38 size needle until it covers the surface without the white showing through.  Go over the red with the size 40 needle to give a smoother finish.

Pull off very small amounts if white fleece and roll into balls.  Place one at a time on the red fleece and gently stab into plance using the size 40 needle.  Be careful stabbing them in place as they are quite small.

Glue or sew the toadstools to the hair clips.  In this case I used a hot glue gun.  Repeat the process to make a pair.  My finished toadstools measure about 2.5cm or around 1″ in width each.

View from back of clips

The finished toadstool clips

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  Jacinta x

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