A Winter Wonderland

We had some very cold pre-winter weather last week.  Snow fell in the little town not far from us and for a short while we basically had snow here.  The following day we had hail falling (or rather pelting down) on and off for many hours.  It started late in the evening and it was so white outside, it looked like the landscape was glowing in the dark.  I tried to take photos, but they didn’t show off the transformed landscape.

The next morning there was still a lot of ice on the ground and the girls decked themselves out in winter woolies and ventured out to play in the wonderland and to eat the ice of course. When I asked Tenneille why she had ice in her pockets, she replied that it was keeping her hands from getting too cold (well I have to give her points for that one).  The ice was still on the ground at the end of the day, as the daytime temperature stayed quite low.

Scarlett, showing me her mouthful of ice!

Tenneille has a stash of ice in her hands, ready for eating.

Hmm, what am I growing? Apparently not much!

The girls had fun sliding down the slide that was covered in ice

No patch of ice escaped cute footprints

Ivy and ice at the base of a Mountain Ash

This week hasn’t been as cold, but it makes me wonder what kind of winter we might be in for.  Rain is currently falling on our tin roof, team that with the open fire, then I say, bring on the winter wonderland!   And if all else fails, I know I will sleep well tonight listening to the rain on the roof (I think it is one of my favourite sounds, how about you?).  Jacinta x

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  • http://rainblissed.wordpress.com Rain

    How exciting! And I’m with you…rain patting on the roof is my favorite sound. Fortunately I live in a very rainy place. We’re on the verge of summer here, but this morning…I would love to sit by the fire, too 🙂

    • Jacinta

      Sitting by the fire never gets old! Hope you have a lovely summer. Jacinta x

  • http://wonderfullycrazyhome.blogspot.com angie

    Oh Jacinta, I see these post titles and I cringe…so weird seeing our seasons so opposite. But then as I read your post and see the photos I am always reminded why I love the seasons, all of them.

    • Jacinta

      I know what you mean. It’s like a whole other world at times! Jacinta x

  • http://www.babybythesea.net/ Baby by the Sea

    I’ve always thought that if it’s going to be cold, it might as well snow. Otherwise, give me beach days with lots of sun. (I know, it’s a tall order for living in the Northwest). Sending sunshine your way.

    • Jacinta

      I totally agree! Thanks for the offer of sending sunshine our way! It’s trying very hard to shine in between showers of rain today. Jacinta x

  • http://www.catfurtomakekittenbritches.com Christy

    How ironic….we had hail yesterday, too! Although it was fairly warm here yesterday, and as the hail was quite small, it melted pretty quickly – though it didn’t stop my crazy kids from running outside to collect what little bit they could (all the while yelling “ow! ow!” from being pelted). I will have to show these pics to Anna when she gets home from school today. So funny how we can be so far apart (far enough that we celebrate the arrival of opposite seasons!), and yet our lives can be so parallel. : )

    Speaking of distance, we had showed Anna where Australia is on a map, but this weekend we were at my in-laws’ place, and they have a globe. So we showed her on the globe, putting one finger on Aus. and one on the US so she could get a good visual of just how much distance we are talking. I think seeing it that way had a much bigger impact than seeing it on a map…..her eyes got all big and she said “THAT’S where Scarlett lives??? Wow! It’s far!” Yes, indeed. ; )

    • Jacinta

      Kids love to go out in hail don’t they, even though they know it hurts. I love Anna’s response to the distance. I should do the same for Scarlett, only I don’t know anyone with a globe. A map will have to suffice. Actually, I should do a google map search and see where it would have us travel between Australia and the US (I don’t know if you have ever done this before, but it is really quite funny the routes it takes you, and yes, we are very silly at times :)). Jacinta x

  • http://clover-seven.blogspot.com Tracey

    I wish it was snowing here! I had 95 degrees and just plain hot!
    Rain on a tin roof to go to sleep by? The Best!

    • Jacinta

      We are in for another rainy night tonight, so lots of zzzz, for me! I had to look up the conversion of temperature. 95 converts to about 35 degrees celsius. That is warm. Hope you have a cool spot to sit and a nice cool drink in hand. It’s about 43 F here, so quite cool. Jacinta x