Spreading the Love

The lovely MJ from Wander Wonder Discover recently nominated my blog for an award.  I am honoured and feel so privileged to have people take interest in my blog.

Here is what needs to happen to continue the versatile blog love along:

  • Link back and thank the award giver
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Choose 7 bloggers to pass this award on to
  • Contact and congratulate the 7 award winners

7 things about me:

  1. I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture, but didn’t finish.
  2. I love travelling, and feel I may be part gypsy.
  3. We have grand plans for our family after the end of next year.  May entail overseas travel/living.
  4. I can never craft enough.
  5. I am quite emotional and if you cry, so do I.
  6. I find clowns scary, not at all funny.
  7. I could gaze at babies all day long.  I have always felt ‘motherly’ and after becoming a mama, felt I had found my life’s purpose.

So now for the 7 blogs I have chosen.  Please note that there are many blogs out there I love and the order I have listed the 7 is random.  If you aren’t here, it’s not ’cause I don’t love you.

Wonderfully Crazy

Cats fur to make kitten britches

Bending Birches


Heirloom Seasons

Under the humble moon

95 acres of sky

Jacinta x

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  • http://clover-seven.blogspot.com Tracey

    Thank you ,that is so sweet! I will have to think about my seven things…about myself?
    Oh! Have a great Thursday.

    • Jacinta

      You’re welcome Tracey. I know I struggled having to list 7 things about me. But once I started, I actually had to cull some things off the list, as I had more than 7.
      Jacinta x

  • http://www.catfurtomakekittenbritches.com Christy

    Jacinta –
    Loads of thanks to you for passing on this award to me! I feel very honored.

    So – “grand plans”? If that involves a trip to the U.S., you’ll have to let us know!

    Like you, my husband thinks clowns are more scary than funny. He’s totally changed my opinion of them. I thought we were the only ones!

    Thanks again for the award, Jacinta!

    • Jacinta

      You’re welcome Christy. I love your blog and always enjoy your posts. Grand plans may include U.S. We have loved all our trips over there and can see ourselves going back. The girls want to visit there too. Tenneille went when she was two and can still remember some of the trip. As for clowns, glad I’m not alone! (I shudder thinking about them). Jacinta x

  • http://wanderwonderdiscover.blogspot.com MJ

    I too am looking forward to hearing about your grand plans!! How exciting!! And acupuncture-wow! Is that something you hope to finish? I could use some today actually. I have roller coaster neck, you know from stopping and starting so abruptly on those rides, uggh. We are a little phobic here about clowns too, and the lifelike old fashioned dolls. Loved reading your 7 things Jacinta!!

    • Jacinta

      I don’t think I will get back to finish acupuncture. One of those, should of, but didn’t! Glad there are more people phobic of clowns. I agree about some of those old dolls! Jacinta x

  • http://heirloomseasons.blogspot.com/ renee ~ heirloom seasons

    Very sweet of you, thank you! I enjoyed reading your seven things. I can never sew enough 🙂

    • Jacinta

      You’re welcome Renee. I’m glad you like sewing as much too. Jacinta x

  • http://sofiasideas.com/ Sofia’s Ideas

    Congratulations! How exciting for you! 🙂

    • Jacinta

      Thanks Sofia. It was lovely to be nominated. Jacinta x