Oliver + S Backpack

I have made my first project from the New Oliver + S, Little Things to Sew book.  I made the backpack for my horse crazy girl, Scarlett.  She has been desperate for a new bag and I didn’t want to buy another made in China, fall-apart-the-next-day bag.  It will serve as her ballet bag and perhaps for sleepovers too.


Front of backpack

I found the pattern easy to follow and there was no swearing or throwing of sewing items (oh I have been quite the diva in my sewing past!).  Everything lined up and it sewed up beautifully.  Of course, I couldn’t get a heavy duty zip, so had to buy a dress zip.  I’m just hoping the zip will last.  I used webbing for the straps and covered them in the flower material and I double sewed around the main body of the bag and lining, as our dear Scarlett lives life with exuberance and thus, so do her belongings.

Back of backpack

I have put the bag on her bed.  We will see if she can find it amongst all the special things residing on her bed!

I have added a ribbon to the zipper for ease of opening

A peek inside the bag. The button at the back closes a little pocket to stow treasures


I can’t wait to sew some more goodies from the book, just have to get rid of a sewing backlog.  The material for the backpack was purchased at Lincraft.  Jacinta x

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