High Tea

We enjoyed a beautiful autumn afternoon in the garden today with tea and homemade goodies.  The girls enjoyed rosie tea I made a variation of these biscuits.  Greg and I ate yummy fruit bun, straight out of the oven.  It was all good until the european wasps decided to join the party.  I really wish they hadn’t managed to be introduced here. Anyway, we had fun playing ladies and gentleman (Jairah was asleep), as the sun slowly disappeared over the hills.  Days like today are never long enough but they also remind me that my girls are growing up so fast and I am trying to make the most of tea parties on the front lawn complete with furry ‘pets’ and dress-ups.  Almost makes me teary.  Hope you spent your weekend doing something you love too?  Jacintax


Definitely refined!

I think this might be cup refill number 5





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