Keepin’ It Real

– Keepin’ It Real captures the true essence of family life that I know are fleeting, keeping this mama grounded –

Jairah has taken a shine to books of late and I will often find him propped up on the sofa reading a book to himself, a priceless moment indeed.  He has a book read to him every night and likes to take whichever book we have read to him, to bed.  I thought this was so sweet, as you could hear him reading the book to himself (in the dark) after you left the room.  This morning when I went into his room, I was greeted with what could only be described as a book massacre. Oh that poor book met its end in a big way.  Suffice to say, Jairah will still be read to of a night, but I think for the time being, he is going to have to make up his own stories once it is lights out!

I always love to hear the antics of other people’s cherubs.  So feel free to share your tales.  Jacinta x

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