A Tooth Fairy Visit

Our sweet Tenneille was getting so desperate to loose a tooth.  I think there was pressure in the form of a tooth chart at school, where the teacher has been writing the amount of teeth each child has lost.  Thankfully for Tenneille, a tooth was finally loose.  There was some industrious tooth wobbling going on over the course of a few days.  The tooth ended up falling out at school.  The precious little bundle came home and placed beside Tenneille’s bed, ready for that magical tooth fairy to pay her visit.  Of course the tooth fairy’s helper hadn’t counted on the tooth coming out as soon as it did, so with some panicked creative thinking, a forgotten stash of some art supplies came to mind.  Coupled with with some gold coins and a special note, the tooth fairy had a lovely little stash to hand over to a peacefully sleeping girl.

The thank you letter to the tooth fairy

Suffice to say, Tenneille awoke the next morning, very excited to find her fairy loot.  Bless her heart, she wrote the tooth fairy a letter back to say thank you for her gifts.  What does the tooth fairy leave in your household?  Jacinta

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