Sweet Bouquets

Having had a very wet winter so far, there was a break in the weather and we found ourselves outside this afternoon after school.  Scarlett and Tenneille discovered the first of the violets which have suddenly popped up their fragrant heads en masse.  So a flower picking frenzy began.  I told them to pick as many as possible, after all, I don’t think they could ever manage to pick them all.  Soon they both had beautiful bouquets of violets mixed in with various greenery.  As for Jairah, well chose to eat his violets, cheeky little poppet.  I happily stood back watching them run around the yard in search of the next piece for their floral arrangements, or in Jairah’s case, his culinary delight!

The girls chose to help each other out when one of them couldn’t reach a branch and Scarlett even offered to donate one of her four leaf clovers to Tenneille when she lost hers.  Now that might not sound like much, but my girls certainly have a love/hate relationship sometimes.  I don’t care if it sounds corny, but that moment made my heart proud.  To top off a lovely afternoon, I now have some very sweet bouquets taking pride of place on my kitchen bench.

Of course the dog had to be part of the bouquet process!

Can you see the 4 leaf clover at the front of the bouquet?

Tenneille’s floral arrangement

Scarlett’s floral arrangement

What are the simple things your kids do, that can make a day one to remember?

Jacinta x

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