Yarn Along

Joining in with Ginny at Small Things.

My Tea Leaves cardi is coming along beautifully.  The pattern is so easy to follow and my Knit Pro needles are so lovely, can’t believe I held off so long getting them.  I am knitting any chance I get, but it’s still taking a while to get the body of the cardigan knitted.  It’s kind of like that feeling where you knit and knit and don’t really feel like you have gotten any length added.  Just have to remind myself that knitting the front and back at the same time does take a while, but the thought of not having to sew seams will keep me inspired to keep on knitting.

As for reading, that is pretty much non existant.  I’ve probably only read about five pages of Keeper of the People, by Karah Quinney.  So not much to report there.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the beautiful creations from you all this week.  Jacinta x

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  • http://www.homebakedonline.com Hannah@HomeBaked

    I treated myself to some Knitpro circulars recently after holding off on them for ages, too. I’m really impressed with them.
    I’ve been eyeing up the Tealeaves for over a year but am slightly afraid to cast on something for myself in thin yarn – I usually stick to chunkier yarns to make it easier.

  • http://momentsofpeacemama.blogspot.com Kate

    It’s lovely! I’ve been eyeing that pattern too. Maybe when I finish my FBL… Whenever that might be 🙂

  • http://pumpkinsunrise.blogspot.com swanski

    I never tire of seeing the tea leaves cardigan. It is such a lovely pattern. I think you will be done within the week 🙂

  • http://forrestdweller.blogspot.com/ Carrie

    I just love tea leaves, its on my must do list.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie “The Handmade Homemaker”

  • http://www.patchodirtfarm.blogspot.com Nadja

    Really, really lovely, Jacinta!

  • http://www.artsyants.blogspot.com Sylvia – artsy ants

    oh wonderful, a tea leaves cardigan, i’ve wanted to knit one for a long time. maybe next autumn. i’m loving the colour of yours!! have a great day Jacinta!

  • http://melbatoast68.blogspot.com Melissa

    I don’t know that I’m much of a sweater knitter…..it goes on and on….and on….but I do love Tea Leaves. Yours is looking fabulous!

  • http://www.fifthlampdown.blogspot.com Jess

    Your Tea Leaves is just lovely. I adore the color.

  • http://cox-himmel.blogspot.com Anke

    Beautiful tea leaves cardi! Every time I see another one, I want to immediately start knitting one for myself. 🙂

  • http://knit1spin2.blogspot.com Donna

    Your cardi is looking beautiful! I like that pattern. I just put in my Rav favs. One day I will get to it!

  • http://edegraw.me Erin @ Wild Whispers

    I love your tea leaves cardi Jacinta. I hate knitting the body of sweaters… but it’s so so so worth it in the end!

  • http://scrapsofstarlight.blogspot.com a soulful life

    Oh, it is so pretty! I love the patterned border! It’ll be so worth it in the end 🙂

  • http://www.wifemomknitter.wordpress.com Jen

    Oh, yes. I know exactly what you mean about the knitting and knitting. Been there, done that. 🙂

  • Laurel

    Your cardigan is looking lovely.

  • http://jacobiterose.blogspot.com Rachel

    That is a beautiful tea leaves cardigan!
    Good needles really do make a lovely difference 🙂

  • http://www.loritimesfive.blogspot.com lori

    i’ve got a tea leaves on the needles too. i’m sure we’ll both love being able to wear such a lovely sweater!

  • http://www.housefullofjays.com rachel

    Be still my heart – that red! It’s gorgeous!

  • http://www.happyindolevalley.blogspot.com Lisa

    A beautiful color for such a lovely sweater…guess I better add the tea leaves pattern to my list!

    ~visiting from Ginny’s 🙂