Singapore Chilli Prawns

Do you love a good spicy seafood dish?  While searching the internet for a dish using the market fresh prawns Greg had bought for dinner, I came across  this Singapore Chilli Prawns (from Not Quite Nigella) recipe.  It was a quick and easy recipe and the flavour was amazing.  Best of all we had all the ingredients in the cupboard, save fresh chilli, which was substituted with dried chilli and it worked fine. If you aren’t into spicy, you could omit the chilli and the sauce would still taste good.  The prawns were served with saffron rice, which my kids go crazy about.  They aren’t, however, crazy on chilli, so they had garlic prawns instead (they were yummy too!).  I’ll definitely be making the chilli prawns again very soon.

Singapore Chilli Prawns (Recipe originally from Not Quite Nigella)

I hope you try out the recipe!  Jacinta x

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