Yarn Along

Joining in with Ginny at Small Things for yarn along this week.

Well it seems Autumn has inspired me to pick up my needles and cast on a beret for myself.  I purchased the yarn as a gift to myself for my birthday last year.  It is the softest alpaca wool.  The pattern I have chosen is by Classic  Elite Yarns called Soft Linen Lace Beret.  The pattern is on Ravelry.  This is my first go at lace knitting.  I will be brave and hope that it turns out ok.

As for books,  I have read a few since I last joined in with Yarn Along.  I loved Julia Child’s book, My Life In France.  I would have dearly loved to have met her.  The book made me want to visit France too.
I’ve read a few Amish books (I seem to have been sucked into them).  Mostly written by Cindy Woodsmall.  I read the trilogy, Sisters of the Quilt.  She has a way of making you love the characters.  Of course there are dramas as well as wonderful moments in the lives of the characters too.  The books are mostly based on a character called Hannah and her trials and tribulations of living her life amongst the Amish.  A life changing event happens to her, throwing her Amish life into chaos and leaving her feeling she needs to escape.  If you like Amish fiction books, I think you will like this series.

Another book, Plain Wisdom also written by Cindy Woodsmall and her Amish friend, Miriam Flaud was a good read.  It is a lovely insight into the lives of Cindy and Miriam and their connection across the Amish and English worlds and the stark difference of their ways of life.  It’s written in short chapters using Scripture quotations to intertwine their stories.

The wedding Gift, by Marlen Suyapa Bodden was a Kindle special.  It is based in Alabama in the 1850’s and is written from the viewpoint of a slave called Sarah Campbell.  She is the playmate of the daughter whose family own the plantation where Sarah and her mother and sister are enslaved.  It follows their lives and Sarah’s dream of running away to be free from slavery.  It was one of those books I couldn’t put down and read it in just a few days.  There is a wonderful twist to the story, but of course I’m not going to give it away!

Looking forward to seeing what everyone is crafting and reading.  I always find Yarn Along is a good reference for finding books to add to my ‘must read’ list.  I don’t think that list can ever be too long!  Jacinta x

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