An Afternoon in the City

With my dad in tow, we left Greg and Jairah at home (our little boy is no fun out and about with no afternoon sleep), we took the girls on the train for a rare city visit.  With a long weekend and Moomba, there was plenty of things to see and do.  We spent our time at Southbank watching street performers.  The girls were mesmerised by a magician who had his entire audience in awe.  He certainly was entertaining.

Most of the time I felt like I was a shepherd, trying to keep an eye on my wonder, Tenneille, who loves nothing better than to flutter like a sweet butterfly all over the place, which this mama finds a little stressful when in such big crowds.  Alas, she was oblivious to my inner stress and had a glorious time.

Dinner was finished off with ice creams for the girls that practically finished off the girls. Dad and I got the left overs, of which was most of the ice cream! By this time it was getting late and both Tenneille and Scarlett were fading fast.

Stopping to take a few photos, we slowly made our way back to the train with happy, but very tired girls.  We thankfully didn’t have to wait long for our train.  With a few deep breaths, we made it home, glad to have made the most of a lovely autumn afternoon in Melbourne.

The Eureka Tower

Jacinta x

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