Birthday Girl

This day, 6 years ago, Tenneille was born at home in the early hours of the morning.  Some pictures can be seen in this previous post.

Most of her presents were opened before she headed off to school.  There was much excitement to be had and a new dinosaur to cuddle.  The book was a hit too (well, it is written by Elsa Beskow, so I can’t help but love it).

I put her birthday quilt on her bed last night after she had gone to sleep and I don’t think she could quite believe it was actually finished.  I baked cupcakes last night to send off to school today (45 in total!).  We had a dinner of her request, and finished ourselves off with an ice-cream cake.  It was meant to be a castle cake, but alas with 100% humidity, the ice cream was not going to wait to be decorated.  The strawberry cream was not going to cooperate and kept sliding off the ice cream.  The kids didn’t mind how it looked though, as it was the waffle cones they were most interested in.

The kids have gone off to bed, very happy and very full of ice cream.

Happy birthday sweet girl, love Mama xx



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