One Handmade Gift Down…


…now lets see if I can get more than just one finished.  Admittedly, I started the felt cat for Tenneille many months ago.  It got put away and promptly forgotten about.  Of course December is now well and truly upon us and all the hopes I had of making many gifts is becoming a bit of a pipe dream.

I have been working on some more Christmas stockings.  One each for Greg and I and a couple more for gifts.  They just need to be sewn up.  I have a felt horse cut out for Scarlett that needs sewing up too.  Of course, we have a family wedding to attend in January that I promised the girls I would make a smocked dress each to wear, but you can already guess where I am going with that.  Do I try to do too much, with very little time?  Heck yes!  But I’m sure you can relate.   How are you going with your Christmas gift preparations?

Jacinta x

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