Yarn Along

Joining in with Ginny from Small Things.

It seems knitting just isn’t happening for me at the moment.  We are in the throws of getting ready to renovate our kitchen and all my spare time seems to have been taken up with plans and getting stuff for the new kitchen (definitely not complaining by the way!).  It’s both exciting and daunting at the same time.

But alas, I have made the time to read, by going to bed early and snuggling up under my nice warm covers on these cold nights and reading my kindle books on my iphone.  I have churned through a few books since I last participated in a yarn along.  All of them, funnily enough, based on the Amish.  Following on from the last book I mentioned in my previous yarn along, The Ada’s House series, The Hope of Refuge, by Cindy Woodsmall, I bought the second book in the series called The Bridge of Peace.  It followed on nicely with a few more of the characters written about in more detail while building on the storyline from the first book.

Of course, once I get started reading books of a certain genre, I kind of get hooked, so it will come at no surprise that in between the second and third book in the series I read, A Midwife’s Story, by Penny Armstrong and Sheryl Feldman.  This book has been on my to-read-list for a long time and when I came across it on kindle, well I just had to have it.  I loved it and the fact it is based on Penny’s own experiences made me love it all the more.  It was one of those books that made me laugh and cry.  I read it quickly, stealing many moments throughout the couple of days it took to read.  I didn’t want to put it down.  I love midwives and all that they do.  Having experienced two home births, I know how having that connection with a midwife makes the experience all the more wonderful.  It seems the Amish see the midwife as a pretty special person too.  Once you let a midwife into your home, they kind of become a piece of your family, Amish or not.  (Ok, I think I better stop there).  I highly recommend it.

I seem to have slowed down a bit (thankfully) with my reading this week and I am now reading the third book in the Ada house series, The Harvest of Grace.  I haven’t read much so far, but it’s flowing on nicely from the second book and again more characters have been written about in more detail, while still enriching story lines that have been building from the previous two books.  I am looking forward to how the story lines turn out.  Especially the ones between Ephraim and Cara and Gray and Lena.

As for my kiddos, I read a book tonight called Wombat Stew, by Marcia K Vaughan, to Tenneille and Jairah.  It has always been a favourite and thought it was worth mentioning.  The characters are all Australian native animals and the main character, Dingo, plans to make a meal of Wombat, but Wombat’s friends have other plans.  Very cute book.

Wombat Stew

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has been reading and hopefully you have been more successful in your crafting than me!  Jacinta x

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