On A Little Adventure

The kids and I are visiting my mum in Ballarat this week.  Well, we sort of had to evacuate at short notice as we have some serious painting happening at home as of today.  The painter was able to slot us in this week.  There are too many paint fumes and dust for wee children and a mama (who took almost 6 months to rid herself of a cough) to be around.

I am expecting to return home to a vastly different colour scheme than I have been used to.  So be gone you hideous colours and please paint gods/goddesses let the colours we chose be better.  I have lost sleep over the idea of getting people in to help get the painting done.  It seems so different when you are doing the job yourself, but paying someone to do it makes it more real, so to speak.  All of a sudden, I found myself doubting the colours we had picked out for months and wanting to pick up every home magazine within reach to somehow prove our choice.  I felt like I should have visited more paint shops for colour samples (like the 20,000 I had looked at already wasn’t anywhere near enough).  I was a woman on the edge!

In reality, we have to use oil based paints for the windows and doors and it isn’t ideal for us to be home.  Mind you, we have left Greg home to oversee the job and I hope he isn’t seeing double for his efforts.  As I left today, the heady fumes were already wafting through the house, even with all the doors and windows ajar.  Nothing like a stiff winter breeze and paint fumes to hurry a mama out the door and on to a 3 hour road trip!

I am both nervous and excited about the whole thing.  We have never gotten someone to paint for us, but this job was bigger than either Greg or I could accomplish.  Every single surface in our house has to be painted.  It would take us a month of Sundays just to get the first coat done and it seems it takes at least three coast of paint to hide the previous colour, ceiling included.  So now I will try to go off to sleep tonight, knowing that I have handed over a job that was doing my head in and feeling the peace of knowing I can move on to other things.  I’d like to think knitting and craft, but Greg reminded me of all the house jobs that needed doing.  Nothing like bring a mama down with a thud!

I hope you are able to find a little more peace in your week.  Jacinta x

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