Hair Clip Giveaway Winner

Thanks to, the winner is:

Nadja says:

Oh, Jacinta, I have just the cardigan to match those hairclips for Gemma! If you go to my Ravelry page (TNmama) you can see the cardi with the needle-felted toadstools. I don’t know if it will still fit her this fall, but if I win the clips, I may have to knit another!

Congratulations Nadja!  Looks like you might be doing some more knitting before this coming fall.  Thanks to all those who entered.  Jacinta x



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  • Nadja

    Thank you, Jacinta! I have been poking around your blog more thoroughly, and I am really glad to have found it!

    • Jacinta

      I’m very happy for you. I hope it doesn’t take too long in the post to get to you. Jacinta x

  • Nadja

    Jacinta, I just received these, and they are beautiful! Thank you ever so much!

    • Jacinta

      I’m glad they arrived. I hope they get lots of wear. Jacinta x