Yarn Along – And A Giveaway! – NOW CLOSED

Joining in with Ginny at Small Things yarn along this week.

I have finally finished the pebble vest.  I am happy with how it has turned out.  Now for the fun part, I am giving away the vest!

I would size the vest between 6-12months, however, all babies are different sizes, so it is only an estimate.  It measures 9.5″ or 23.5 cm across and 11″ or 28cm from back of neck to hemline.  The buttons down the side are made of coconut and the heart buttons on the shoulder are wooden.  It is a wool/soya blend yarn.  The colour in the second photo is the most correct.  It’s mocha in colour.  It is really dark here today, so not great for photos (in fact it has been snowing just up the road from us).  It would suit either a boy or a girl.  I will leave comments open until Friday 13th (I’m sure that means good luck!).  Entry is open to international lovelies too.   Please mention in the comment section if you want to be entered into the draw.

This is close to the true colour

Now to start thinking about my next project.  As for what I am reading, I am still plugging away at The Lacuna.  I don’t get a lot of reading time at the moment so only reading a few pages before going to bed.  At this rate, I will be reading it for the rest of the year!   Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is up to.  Jacinta x

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  • http://clover-seven.blogspot.com Tracey

    Your vest is so cute and I love the buttons. How sweet to offer it as a giveaway. I don’t have anyone to wear it, but who ever wins will be very happy I’m sure.

  • http://my-dreamy-world-by-jarka.blogspot.com Jarka

    what a beautiful vest! I absolutely love the buttons 🙂 so cute! 🙂 and I also think it’s great color 🙂 – I usually use bright yarns but lately I fell in love with soft warm colors like this 🙂

    -you don’t need to include me into the draw because there’s no little one in my life just yet 🙂 but you know what? – you could knit a vest like that – for adults and do a giveaway again 😀 and I would participate 😀
    I WOULD absolutely wear a vest like that! it’s lovely 🙂

  • Jordin

    That sweater is so lovely!!! what pattern did you use? And where on earth did you find those buttons?!!? 😀 What a lovely gift to share, and i would love to be the receiver!

    • Jacinta

      Hi Jordin. The buttons were purchased at a local Steiner store (in Australia). The pattern is a Pebble Vest. It can be found on Ravelry. Jacinta x

      • Jordin

        Thank you so much!! I am very excited about it!

  • Kate

    The vest looks lovely. Can I enter the giveaway? One of my dear friends had a baby yesterday and this would be a lovely gift. They are thinking of moving to Tasmania so it would find good use. Thankyou for doing such a lovely thing.

    • Jacinta

      Kate you are welcome to enter. If you have friends thinking of moving to Tasmania, then something like this would be needed for sure. Jacintax

  • http://www.marygildersleeve.com Mary G.

    The vest is beautiful … the buttons really make it “sing”! I know lots of little ones who would love this vest ….

  • http://rainblissed.wordpress.com Rain

    Hi Jacinta, thanks for stopping by my yarn along today. Yes! My yummy giveaway is open to people everywhere – including Australia (it’s our 2nd home, so really it’s like posting domestically in our minds 😉 so glad Winter’s on its way so there won’t be issues with melting). I do hope the same is true for your gorgeous and most generous giveaway! I really love the tiny heart buttons. And the delicious color – reminds me of chocolate & coffee … two of my favorite things (oh yes, and babies, too! ;-).

  • http://www.catfurtomakekittenbritches.com Christy

    Oh, that is adorable! Love the color, and especially those little heart buttons on the shoulder. (Do NOT enter me in the drawing, as I have no little ones who could use this. Just wanted to tell you how cute I thought it was!)

  • http://www.housefullofjays.com Rachel

    Oh my! It is so sweet, Jacinta. I love the buttons and the wool looks so soft!! The buttons are where I’ve gotten stuck on mine – I must find the perfect ones. I like the size of yours – mine is so tiny I keep thinking, “Really??” Hopefully I’ll squeeze the little one in for more than a couple of days. 😉

  • http://www.happyindolevalley.blogspot.com Lisa

    The vest is adorable – love the buttons! My youngest is 10, so I won’t be needing such a small clothing item; that said, you don’t have to include my comment in the give-a-way. Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.mythreelittlemonkeys.blogspot.com Sarah Antonio

    Adorable! I would love to be entered in the giveaway. I am sure my petite 11 month old would love it 🙂

  • http://pumpkinsunrise.blogspot.com/ Swanski

    The vest looks fantastic and you really did a great job 🙂

  • http://worldofwiedz.blogspot.com Stacy

    You did such a great job with the pebble! Love the color, it has looked like a purple and a grey in other pictures, the mocha is really great! I’d love to be entered, my cousin and my niece are both due this summer and would love a beautiful vest for their little ones. If I would be so lucky to win I’d have a hard time choosing who should receive it.

  • http://hegeshobbykrok.blogspot.com Hege

    Cute vest, love the tiny heart buttons.
    Just wish I had a baby so I could enter the giveaway 😉

  • http://www.obaitori.com Katie

    Congratulations Jacinta, it is SO beautiful. The colours are gorgeous. My Bodhi pointed to the screen and said, “My vest!” It is so sweet of you to give it away. Take care and enjoy those few pages of your book. Love Katie xxx

  • http://www.callingitprogress.blogspot.com Erin

    I love your choice in buttons! Sometimes it’s those little details that really “make” the project. 🙂

  • Alexa

    oh this is beautiful! my little boy (just turns 6 months this weekend), and his mama, would love a vest like this!

  • http://www.becomingclaudine.blogspot.com Claudine

    What a darling, darling vest! So sorry I missed the deadline!