Babes and Autumn Daze

Oh my sweet babes and autumn how I love thee.  So many glorious colours in various shades of loveliness are dotting the landscape where ever I look.  Our days have been mild, just right for being outdoors and enjoying the wind in our hair and the sun on our faces knowing all too soon Father Winter will be making our cheeks rosy and skies grey.

Greg had a work deadline to meet, so it was off to nana’s for the kids and I, so he could work at home without the white noise (we aren’t very quiet!).
We spent an afternoon with nana at the botanical gardens in Ballarat, picnicing, smelling roses, discovering Amanita mascaria aka fairy toadstools and exploring the beloved ‘fairy’ tree (a beautiful Redwood) that the girls look forward to visiting each time we go to the gardens.

Unicorns love roses too

The fairy tree

'Fairy toadstool'

Watching them running and playing amongst the gardens made my heart sing while it also ached to savour these moments, as I know I am going to turn around one autumn day and my babies will be grown.  It’s the simple things that mean so much, the laughter, skipping, running in all directions and those smiles.

I am a mother in a daze, as I am hopelessly in love with my sweet babes.  My heart is yours.  Love mama x

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