I Wish I May, I Wish I Might

Today the children and I spent a beautiful autumn day out with some lovely friends.  The sun was again smiling upon us (such a treat after months of hideous weather).  We went to Wilson Botanic Park in Berwick, Victoria.  My friend and I spent the first half hour watching the girls playing around the wishing well as you enter the gardens.  We could hear the girls discussing how they could possibly get the money from the well to make a wish.  My friend mentioned to them that if they took the money, then someone else’s wish wouldn’t come true.  That got them thinking.  I didn’t hear what Scarlett and her friend wanted to wish for, but Tenneille wished she could have a baby dragon!  Of course I had absolutely no change on me for them to throw in the wishing well, so we will have to see if wishes still come true, regardless of payment.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the playground.  I think Jairah may have worn off a layer on the slides!   I was a great day out, even if I did get a little sunburn (opps) and photos were few.  Oh but I do love autumn and little people wishes.  Jacinta x

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