Organics at my Doorstep

We feel very lucky indeed to have the choice of having organic fruit and vegetables delivered to our door every Friday.  The produce is second to non and oh so yummy.  I love that we only eat what is in season and a lot of the produce is locally grown.  Of course Jacquie, Andrew and staff of Organics On Wheels are great to deal with!  We have been buying our fruit and veg from them for 5 years and I can’t go back to buying our produce any other way.

For a couple of weeks we were able to get apples that came in hessian bags, how quaint is that.  They were fuji apples to die for!

This is what awaits me on a Friday afternoon

By the way, the tangelos were amazing!

Here is a link to Jacquie and Andrew’s contact details.  Definitely worth checking out if you are within their home delivery area.  They are based in Cockatoo/Nangana, Victoria.

I feel by purchasing organically grown food, I am giving back to the those who are thinking beyond tomorrow.  For that is where my children are headed and I would like to think my children’s future will benefit from the foresight of organic farming.

Disclaimer – I don’t receive any kick backs for recommendations, I just believe in sharing with you, businesses that are wonderful to deal with. It’s definitely a service with a smile.

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